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About Us

"With Better Food Origins Come Better Society,  And Better Future"

BioAsia takes pride in being one of the very few companies in Asia to be involved in full line organic production, starting from sourcing organic ingredients, producing organic food products to exporting them worldwide. Because our DNA is in quality and innovation, our house controls every aspect of research and production to make sure our end products are unimagined and up to your organic standards.We also take pride in being a Thai-based company and aim to create value for our national staple: rice.

Our History

Our History

Welcome to the world of BioAsia. We are a company established in Thailand in 2006, by our shareholders who have the same passion to bring the already world-famous Thai organic rice to extend and transform them into new, innovative organic rice products. The goal is to create value from Thai organic rice’s fragrant and unmatchable taste. Our passionate shareholders include partners from New Zealand and Denmark, who are also in the organic foods industry and thus share the love for Thailand’s rice products. The synergistic bond amongst our shareholders enables BioAsia to effectively enter the global market and form strong alliances. We believe that this is key to bringing quality, organic health-products from Thailand to enter the global market.

We are a producer of organic rice-based food products and snacks. Our main ingredient includes Thailand’s own organic rice. Our company prioritizes quality and being “organic” as the utmost important aspect in our production. This is why we monitor and control the whole organic production process under our own facilities. We control, starting from selecting organic ingredients, producing organic products to exporting them to clients worldwide, to ensure that every product is up to the international organic standard. (Please see the Certifications page for more details).

BioAsia started off with one rice-based product that we OEM and export for our clients. Today we continue to innovate and expand our product lines to create more exciting organic rice products for our customers. Our production is located in Northern part of Thailand, ChiangRai. Our headquarters is located within Bangkok, Thailand.

BioAsia’s own OEM products include organic foods and snacks that are made from organic rice. Our OEM products are exported to many countries worldwide including the United States of America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and within Asia. In 2012, we introduced BiteMe, the first product under our own house brand. BiteMe is BioAsia’s creation of organic rice chips made from Thailand’s own organic rice. BiteMe rice snacks has gained much popularity in the Asian market that we export to many nearby countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan. (Please see our BiteMe product page for more details).

BioAsia's factory
Mission Vision

Mission Vision

BioAsia strives to become internationally recognized through our standards and company ethics. We give heavy emphasis on continuously improving and producing organic food products that are different and one of a kind. BioAsia aims to create benefits and values to Thailand’s society, community and the lives of BioAsia’s employees.

We strongly believe that everyone in the organization must be both physically and psychologically happy with their work, which would result in better products from BioAsia. We ensure that all our products are ethical, harmless to the environment, of good quality for our customers and also uniquely better by global standards.

BioAsia’s management believes in how every employee is a part of our family. Our organization is like one big house that moulds and motivates us all into working towards one common direction. We believe that every single employee is an important part to our success.

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